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The purpose of this section is to provide highlights and noteworthy appearances of US Asians/APA's on television shows and films. This includes people on both sides of the camera from actors, directors, writers, special effects personnel, camera people and producers. Contact us by clicking HERE if we've missed anybody.


May 1 - 7 Highlights :

  • MONDAY: Jason Scott Lee in Arabian Nights, Shannon Lee in High Voltage & Nancy Kwan in Miracle Landing.
  • TUESDAY: South Pacific & Sand Pebbles.
  • WEDNESDAY: The Last Emperor & the Matrix is on.
  • THURSDAY: Ming Na Wen's Street Fighter & Joan Chen's Xiu Xiu are on tv.
  • FRIDAY: Tamlyn Tomita in Come See the Paradise, Haing Ngor in Heaven and Earth & the Golden Child.
  • SATURDAY: Sandra Oh in Arli$$, Gedde Watanabe in Gung Ho, Jason Scott Lee in Soldier, Tia Carriere in Relic Hunter and Steven Park in Fargo.
  • SUNDAY: Regina Tajima-Pena's My American or Honk of You Love Buddha and Mako in "Balance of Power."

    May 8 - 14 Highlights :

  • MONDAY: Stand & Deliver w/Lou Diamond Phillips
  • TUESDAY: Tamlyn Tomita in Karate Kid 2 and Joan Chen's Xiu Xiu.
  • WEDNESDAY: Law & Order with Scarlett Lam
  • THURSDAY: Garrett Wang's nightly appearances on Star Trek
  • FRIDAY: Law & Order features a large number of AsAm actors
  • SATURDAY: Michelle Kwan & Kristi Yamaguichi's ice skating, Russell Wong in New Jack City & Martial Law
  • SUNDAY: Go for Broke, Disney's Mulan, Jet Li in Lethal Weapon 4, Wayne Wang's Joy Luck Club, show about Bruce Lee's death & Keanu Reeves in The Matrix.

    May 15 - 21 Highlights:

  • MONDAY: Show on Brandon Lee
  • TUESDAY: See Richard Loo in the James Bond thriller "Man with the Golden Gun."
  • WEDNESDAY: Fay Lee is on Law & Order
  • THURSDAY: Late Show with Jackie Chan & Korean Comfort Women documentary
  • FRIDAY: Jackie Chan on Good Morning American & HBO's Children show has Tia Carrere, Margaret Cho and many others
  • SATURDAY: John Woo's The Killers & Jackie Chan on Saturday Night Live!
  • SUNDAY: Keanu Reeves in The Matrix.

    May 22 - 28 Highlights:

  • MONDAY: Korean Comfort Women documentary
  • TUESDAY: Feature on Connie Chung
  • WEDNESDAY: John Woo's Once a Thief and Jackie Chan's Rush Hour
  • THURSDAY: Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon
  • FRIDAY: James Wong Howe's work is seen in Yankee Doodle Dandy
  • SATURDAY: Last episode of Martial Law
  • SUNDAY: Program on the children of the Internment Camps

    May 29 - 31 Highlights:

  • MONDAY: Harold Sakata in Goldfinger
  • TUESDAY: The Good Earth
  • WEDNESDAY: Vanishing Son Pt 2


    Additional information on the shows can be found at the following places:


    Information from listings on the major network television stations (i.e. CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX), cable stations (i.e. HBO, ShowTime, CineMax, Lifetime, Sci-Fi, PAX, A&E, etc.), "Super Stations" (i.e. UPN, WGN, TNT, TBS), PBS shows, etc. from many resources will be listed. Visit the websites listed below for specific information on shows of interest.


    In honor of Asian Pacific American Month being celebrated during May, various unique and award-winning members of our communities will be featured below for your review and support.

    KID KOALA - This Montreal scratch DJ (aka Eric Yick-Keung San) is a whiz-kid with two decks and a mixer from Vancouver Canada.

    He has performed extensively in Montreal, Toronto, the U.S. and Europe. He won the Montreal DMC Mixing Championship in 1995, had some clips featured in Hotwired's Beta Lounge last March, and was also interviewed on CBC's (Canada's national broadcast station) "electronic music" special on the series.

    For the latest tour information, click HERE. Check out an interview and other groovy stuff happening by clicking HERE.

    CHINESE AMERICANS - this book, entitled "Chinese Americans - the Immigrant Experience," written by Dusanka Miscevic & Peter Kwong, tells a story of Chinese immigrants who were ostracized by exclusion laws and never expected to overcome cultural barriers.

    The book takes a hard look at the unique and painful experiences of Chinese immigrants trying to make America their home, and explores the various ways Chinese Americans have negotiated between assimilating and maintaining ethnic identity.

    Carefully selected photographs (by Chien-Chi Chang, Lia Chang and Corky Lee) add perspective and insight to the text!!

    ANNA MAY WONG - this beautiful , tall (5'7"), slender and Chinese American pioneer of the film industry was born on January 3, 1905 in L. A. California.

    She had performed with major stars such as Sessue Hayakawa, Marleen Dietrich, Colleen Moore, Lon Chaney, John Gilbert, Douglas Fairbanks, Hal Roach, Samuel Goldwyn, etc. in their featured films throughout her 40 years / 54 films career in films as Toll of the Sea, the Tong Man, the Thief of Bagdad, the Shanghai Express, etc. among her many films.

    She has worked with companies such as Pathe, United Artists, Paramount, Samuel Goldwyn Production, MGM, Warner Brothers, etc.

    With all these credits, she suffered the racism of her times that prevented her from being the first class she should have been. What is ironic is that her obstacles still exists today!

    JHUMPA LAHIRI - won the Pulitzer Prize in 2000 for her book, "Interpreter of Maladies," which is a collection of stories about the isolation and disconnection of South Asian Immigrants in America.

    Ms. Lahiri is part of fast-growing number of recognized authors (among artists from film and highly acclaim awards!

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